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Pembani Remgro regards itself as a responsible corporate citizen and investor which seeks to go beyond generating financial returns for its shareholders and investors, and create positive non-financial social and environmental returns for society as a whole. Sustainable development is core to delivering on Pembani Remgro’s growth objectives and as a result subscribes to a sustainability-led investment strategy, taking into account the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) sustainability and performance of our portfolio investments.

Pembani Remgro’s ESG obligations are detailed in its ESG Management System (“ESMS”), which it utilises to evaluate the ESG performance of all potential investment opportunities, as well as monitor the ongoing ESG performance of its portfolio investments.


Pembani Remgro recognises that, while investment opportunities stem from a social need, they are only achievable through the provision of capital by investors who require financial returns.

Similarly, in order to generate ongoing financial returns, investment opportunities need to be socially and environmentally sustainable. Thus, Pembani Remgro seeks to achieve the following financial and non-financial strategic objectives:

  • Building prosperous and sustainable economies through the provision of infrastructure and related services;

  • Avoiding or mitigating any potential adverse ESG risks and impacts, and identifying ESG opportunities of any projects;

  • Maximising the potential social benefits and development impact from projects in Africa as a vital component to building Africa’s economy; while

  • Delivering financial returns to our shareholders and investors.


Pembani Remgro aims to improve its insight into maximising potential social benefits and development impact from projects and sustainable value creation by identifying key development impact objectives and, as far as possible, using quantitative data to communicate the long-lasting positive development impacts created or contributed to through its portfolio investments.

Pembani Remgro is committed to a sound ESG Policy, which is central to our ESMS. As part of its ESG policy it commits to:

  • Undertake its activities in line with applicable international standards and industry good practice, in particular the Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability of the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”);

  • Meet the requirements of national legislation in all the countries in which it invests;

  • Identify and assess ESG risks and impacts, both adverse and beneficial, in the area of influence of its activities;

  • Foster value-driven ethical behaviour and good governance practices, informed by respect for human rights;

  • Strive for and encourage equal opportunity, equitable economic empowerment and diversity at all stakeholder levels;

  • Communicate and work closely with portfolio companies and project managers to ensure their understanding and shared commitment to compliance with its ESG policy;

  • Implement all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of portfolio company employees and promote the health and safety of contracted workers;

  • Mitigate against projects’ climate change impacts, as far as reasonably possible;

  • Promote improved ESG performance of our portfolio companies through the effective use of management systems and legally binding action plans.

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