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The principal investment objective of the Fund is to make equity, quasi-equity and equity-related investments in private infrastructure (and related industry) companies and projects headquartered in, or whose businesses or operations are located or conducted primarily within Africa.

The Fund’s investment strategy targets greenfield and brownfield or secondary transactions, as well as investments in companies that provide engineering services and logistics within the private infrastructure sector. In the case of greenfield transactions, the Fund does not take early stage development risk. The Fund does not invest in oil, gas or mineral extraction or primary agriculture but focuses on the infrastructure around these businesses. Emphasis is placed on contracting with private sector entities that meet the Fund’s high due diligence, financial returns and credit criteria.

An Investment Committee is responsible for all investment and divestment recommendations to the Fund. The IC evaluates opportunities proposed by Pembani Remgro and, at its discretion, recommends a potential investment or divestment. Each member of the IC has over 20 years’ experience of doing business in Africa.

Arguably the greatest attribute of Pembani Remgro is its access to a high-quality and proprietary transaction pipeline throughout the continent. A strong deal flow is channelled to Pembani Remgro by Remgro. Also, Phuthuma Nhleko’s and Kofi Adjepong-Boateng’s strong networks built across the continent over several decades generate many transaction opportunities. In addition, the management team at Pembani Remgro has been operating in the African infrastructure market for many years and, as a result, has access to deal flow from developers, contractors, equipment suppliers, operators, consulting engineers and the lender community.

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